Taking American manufacturing companies to greater heights

Strategic leadership for long-term business growth

Thunderbird is a dedicated team of experts actively engaged in building long-term growth. A commitment to American manufacturing fuels our mission to elevate the success of Thunderbird companies through continuous improvement and capital investments. We are guided by the unified pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and innovation. Thunderbird enables people to grow, companies to soar, and customers to succeed.

Strategic Growth Chart
Our difference

When Thunderbird acquires a company, it becomes an integral part of our family. Our long-term goal is the ever-ascending prosperity of our acquisitions. Unlike private equity firms, we invest our own money and actively manage company growth on a daily basis.

Growth strategies

Thunderbird uses our Active Management Process (AMP) to guide the integration, development, and growth of acquired companies. Developed by our ownership and leadership team, AMP establishes the means and metrics for an immediate uplift in a company’s performance, followed by its continuous, long-term managed growth.

Success stories

Under the Thunderbird umbrella, our companies experience growth, achieve streamlined operations, and reach new markets. One such company is Metal Impact of Elk Grove Village, Ill., which experienced a 400% increase in sales in 9 years after becoming part of the Thunderbird family.