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Strategic leadership for long-term business growth

Commitment and guidance are vital to long-term success. When a company becomes part of Thunderbird, it is on a new course destined for growth and development. Companies that partner with our team of strategic business leaders perform to their full potential through continuous improvement and capital investments.

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Taking American companies to greater heights

Pursuing excellence, teamwork, and innovation is our hallmark. Our proven business-building model empowers employees to grow, companies to soar, and customers to succeed.


As a Thunderbird company, you are part of our family. Your company is not just another number in a private equity firm's investment portfolio. Thunderbird invests its own dollars to position our companies for long-term success. Collectively, we take pride in reaching our greater potential.


To ensure the successful integration, development, and growth of Thunderbird companies, we implement our Active Management Process (AMP). Developed by our team of experts, AMP establishes the means and metrics for an immediate performance boost, followed by continuous, managed growth of the business.


Thunderbird companies are industry leaders. Optimized performance improvements across all disciplines of our organization enable our companies to compete in today's crowded market. Through guidance and leadership, our companies benefit from enhanced operations, reach new markets, and achieve meaningful growth.

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