Active management process

Collaborating on the shopfloor

Enabling people to grow, companies to soar, and customers to succeed

The goal of Thunderbird is the ever-ascending prosperity of the companies we acquire. Our dedicated team of experts are engaged daily in the pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and innovation. Our Active Management Process (AMP) guides the onboarding, development, integration, and continued growth of every acquired company. It guides our strategy to elevate the long-term success of our companies and assures the “flight plan” follows our core principles.

Active Management Process
  • Long-term ownership model
  • Synergistic value creation to customers
  • Lead and reward continuous improvement
  • Build, adjust, and grow—always

3 Strategies for Growth

Our Active Management Process guides continuous improvement and customer success by supporting three key strategies for organizational alignment and growth. First and foremost is the elevation of core competencies through metrics focused on safety, quality, delivery, and costs. Next is the integration of our strengths, connected by technologies, materials, processes, and applied knowledge. Ultimately, this leads to increased supply chain value through innovation and collaboration, delivering higher performance at lower costs.

Active Management Process Chart

Growth of core competencies

Elevating safety, quality, delivery, and cost efficiency. Measuring our improvements in each area allows us to identify and implement capital investments.

Growth of integrated strengths

Amplifying our competitive advantages in the market. Continuous growth across the Thunderbird formation arises from the strengths of each company.

Growth of supply chain value

Creating deeper relationships with our customers. Reducing costs and increasing performance brings our customers a competitive advantage.

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