Vision and values

Leadership team walking through shopfloor

Taking American manufacturing companies to greater heights

When Thunderbird acquires a company, it is just the first step in a long, nurturing relationship. A team of leadership experts tends to the needs of our companies on a daily basis. Our companies grow, expand, and reach new heights under our guidance. As we look ahead decades into the future, we see Thunderbird companies continuing to thrive. They are ever-ascending. They are American manufacturing companies, rising together to meet the higher needs of our global customers.

Our core values

As a collective working collaboratively together to make a greater difference, we believe three core values allow us to do so with purpose. These values guide the Thunderbird mission to elevate our companies, employees, and customers. An ongoing commitment to these three values will ensure continued success:

Excellence. Teamwork. Innovation.


Thunderbird measures excellence in all areas of organizational activity. Excellence starts with the safety of our people who design and produce our products, and the safety of our customers who in turn use our products. Excellence extends to the quality of our products, and to their on-time delivery. Excellence also fuels our effort to be more cost efficient in our endeavors to engineer, source, manufacture, process, package, and deliver products. All of which supports the excellence of the customers we serve.

Leadership team working together


Individually, we can make a difference. Collectively, we can make a greater difference. To ascend to our higher potential, we are mindful of how well we communicate with one another about our goals. We collaborate to reach those goals. We build a culture of trust that works for our customers and for ourselves.

James Kruis reviewing product with engineering


Thunderbird acquires and cultivates companies that have a technology advantage and have the potential for important, marketable innovation. We invest substantially to cultivate these technologies. As we do this, we give rise to the ingenuity of people. We see their ideas take flight. Through teamwork and a pursuit of excellence that is shared by our customers, we set out together to develop truly innovative solutions.

James Kruis reviewing mold on shopfloor
Taking American manufacturing companies to greater heights