Growth of supply chain value

Thunderbird Leadership internal collaboration

Increasing value to the customer: higher supply chain relationships

The ultimate aim of Thunderbird is to create value for customers above and beyond the prerequisites of reliable quality and on-time delivery. Our Active Management Process (AMP) uncovers and enables reductions in supply chain costs and increases in supply chain performance. Greater collaboration leads to innovations that bring a competitive advantage to the customer—the higher outcomes to which we ascend.

Supply Chain Value
  • Support Supplier Performance Management (SPM)
  • Boost success of next-gen components, assemblies
  • Elevate the customer’s value to their customers
  • Address risks related to long-term capacity, scalability
Leadership discussing cost reduction on the shopfloor

Supply chain cost reduction

The AMP process helps Thunderbird leadership establish an overview of our greater potential value from the customer’s perspective. By viewing the supply chain as a value chain, we can see the bigger picture for growing our value to the customer. We can more holistically identify and remove cost constraints. We can more cost efficiently streamline value creation and value execution from end-to-end.

forklift in warehouse

Increased supply chain performance

During this stage of strategic growth, our operational improvements are well-established. Our individual and collective strengths are amplified and further aligned. We can readily demonstrate the robustness of our product and service development processes. Moreover, we systemically maintain and continue to improve overall supply chain performance and value to our customers.

Collaboration and innovation

Having reached a high level of performance readiness, we leverage the elevated individual and collective abilities of our companies to build strategic partnerships with our customers. Thunderbird brings a heightened focus to the exploration and resolution of their supply chain needs, both immediate and next-generation.

Mike Frumento on shopfloor with team member
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