Leadership team

  • Kevin Prunsky
  • Chairman of the Board
Kevin Prunsky

Kevin Prunsky knows how to build successful businesses. Chairman of the Board and founder of Thunderbird, Kevin started the company in 2008 with a vision to invest in and grow American manufacturing companies.

In addition to his executive responsibilities as Thunderbird Chairman, Kevin evaluates additional investment opportunities, including turnarounds requiring vision, capital, and leadership. He is unique among corporate leaders. He is active and hands-on. He finds the best ways to invest in a company—financially and structurally—and gets involved. Kevin’s insights and experience as an entrepreneur and business manager enable him to foster innovation, implement change, and build organizations to achieve beyond their own expectations.

All of Kevin’s skills come together at Thunderbird to help American manufacturing companies that need financial and management assistance. He strongly supports and believes in American companies competing in global markets.

Before establishing Thunderbird, Kevin in 1986 founded Pollution Control Industries, a company that focused on finding ways to manage industrial waste using the most advanced and environmentally beneficial technologies. The company began with seven employees in a single location. Under Kevin’s leadership as chairman of the board, PCI grew to become one of the largest waste management firms in the U.S. By 2008, PCI had revenues of more than $60 million and employed about 400 people. On May 30, 2008, PCI was sold to Tradebe Environmental Services, and Kevin used the profits from the sale to start Thunderbird.

Taking American manufacturing companies to greater heights