Growth of core competencies

Mike Frumento on shopfloor

Elevating the absolutes: safety, quality, delivery, and cost efficiency

Through our Active Management Process (AMP) the leadership team at Thunderbird focuses on establishing the absolutes of safety, quality, delivery, and cost for every newly acquired company. Measures are set for ongoing improvements in each area. Capital investments are identified and implemented. Management and workforce are empowered to conduct ongoing improvements; and all who contribute are recognized and rewarded.

Safety Quality Delivery Cost Efficiency Chart
  • Communicating progress, process
  • Training, certifying employees
  • Tracking, reporting production
  • Annual budgeting for growth
Mike Frumento on shopfloor with team member


Every Thunderbird company deploys an employee safety committee that meets monthly to review accidents and to set training agendas. A minimum of one safety improvement is mandated each month. Safety-integrated performance is continuously monitored and recognized.

CMM Quality Testing


Quality assurance applies to every area of operation within a Thunderbird company. Visual metrics documenting performance are broadcast daily throughout each company’s operations.

Forklift in warehouse


Thunderbird invests in a range of capabilities that assure on-time deliveries to customers. Those investments include project management, ERP oversight, wireless warehouse management, production scheduling and monitoring, and constant communication with customers. Contributions to simplicity and timeline compression are rewarded, as reductions in complexity continue to bring reductions in cost.

Internal team meeting

Cost efficiency

“Wall-to-wall” employee participation is central to the progression of our organizations. Monthly employee council meetings and quarterly town hall gatherings make performance metrics transparent to all.

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