About Us: Thunderbird LLC Vision and Investment Strategies

Business Origins

Thunderbird LLC was originally founded by Kevin Prunsky and John Newell to hold selected assets used by Pollution Control Industries (PCI), a business founded by Prunsky in 1986, which focused on finding ways to manage industrial waste utilizing the most advanced and environmentally beneficial technologies. By 2008, the company was thriving, with revenues in excess of $60,000,000 and approximately 400 employees. Prunsky and Newell, the primary shareholders of PCI, decided to sell the company on May 30th, 2008 to Tradebe Environmental Services, SL, a privately held Spanish corporation.

Current Focus

Thunderbird, LLC: About UsThe partners have since shifted their focus from strictly waste management to offering their managerial skills to other businesses in manufacturing and industrial fields. Thunderbird specializes in American made companies manufacturing products for world markets in industries such as automotive, military, metal fabrication, semiconductor, power, firearms, etc. Some of the companies Thunderbird has been successfully working with include:

  • F&B MFG, LLC — manufacturer of highly specialized, precision based parts and sub-assemblies for the aerospace and semi-conductor industries.
  • Indiana Plastics, LLC — provides design, engineering and manufacturing services of plastic injected molded components. Indiana Plastics can take a product from its idea stage, through its design stage, and all of the way through its production and secondary stages.
  • Metal Impact, LLC — a producer of aluminum impact extrusions and manufacturer of cold forged steel products.
  • Williams Plastics, LLC — provides plastic injected molded drinkware and custom art services. With seven decades of experience, Williams Plastics is an industry leader and a one stop shop for plastic injection molding and custom designed digital printing.

Thunderbird works to bring these strategically sound companies to better levels of growth in a world market through a combination of capital investment, smarter marketing, and improved management.

Business Characteristics

  • Offers financial, managerial, and marketing assistance.
  • Active management of investment
  • Seeking long-term investment opportunities.
  • Not a private equity firm — all capital comes from partners.