Partners: Thunderbird LLC Active Owners & Operators

Kevin Prunsky

Thunderbird, LLC: Partners - Kevin PrunskyMr. Prunsky founded PCI in 1986 with seven employees and a single location. Through vision and skillful management, Mr. Prunsky built the company into one of the largest waste management firms in the US. He was the Chairman of the Board of PCI until May of 2008, when he sold the company for a healthy profit.

After selling PCI, Mr. Prunsky decided to reinvest the profits in American manufacturing companies in need of capital for growth through Thunderbird LLC, offering both his financial and management assistance to struggling companies. Thunderbird was established to work with American made companies manufacturing for global markets, because Mr. Prunsky believes that the ability to make products in the U.S. is what made the country great, and the ability to manufacture parts here continues to make it great. Presently, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Metal Impact LLC and F&B MFG LLC. In addition to his executive responsibilities, Mr. Prunsky evaluates additional investment opportunities, specifically turnarounds requiring vision, capital and management.

Mr. Prunsky is unique among corporate leaders. His insights and experience as an entrepreneur and business manager enable him to foster innovation, implement change and build organizations to achieve beyond their own expectations. Mr. Prunsky's approach is hands on and active: he finds the best way to invest in a company — financially and structurally — and gets involved.

John Newell

Thunderbird, LLC: Partners - John NewellAfter a career as a commercial lending officer with American National Bank in Chicago (now JP Morgan Chase), Mr. Newell joined PCI in 1992 as its Chief Financial Officer, becoming President and CEO in 2002. As one of the Thunderbird partners, Mr. Newell is currently in the role of CEO of Metal Impact LLC and F&B MFG LLC. He holds a BS from Illinois State University and an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago, and in addition to his work with Thunderbird, he presently serves on the Board of United Trust Bank in Palos Heights, Illinois, and is President of its holding company.

Mr. Newell brings his own unique skill set to the Partnership, including extensive financial management experience, strategic budgeting and planning capabilities, insightful analysis and the management tools that enable strategic investments to grow even in tough economic environments and competitive markets. He works directly with the controllers of companies to implement his financial strategies, helping struggling American businesses grow and reach their potential in global markets.