Portfolio: Thunderbird LLC Long Term Business Investments

Vision & Strategy

The vision of Thunderbird LLC is to help companies who are currently performing below their potential to overcome challenges and increase their growth and revenue.

Thunderbird accomplishes this through an infusion of expertise, management and capital directed towards turning companies around. Their investment interests include:
Thunderbird, LLC: Portfolio

  • Turnaround situations in need of new capital and management.
  • Structurally sound, but financially or operationally challenged firms.
  • American companies — products made in America and targeted at world markets.
  • Automotive, military, firearms, semiconductor, metal fabrication, power generation industries.
  • Long-term investments.

Kevin Prunsky and John Newell, the partners of Thunderbird, work with businesses in these kinds of industries and situations to take an active, long-term role in growing the structure, revenue, and marketing of the companies.

Thunderbird LLC's portfolio consists of American manufacturing companies that have needed help overcoming challenges. These companies have received assistance from Thunderbird to improve growth and be more competitive in world markets: