American manufacturing for global markets

The mission of Thunderbird is to acquire and cultivate American manufacturing companies to meet the higher needs of our global customers. We are guided by our unified pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and innovation.

Thunderbird companies benefit from our financial backing, marketing support, and Active Management Process (AMP) to achieve higher levels of growth and revenue. Our customers benefit from outstanding quality, service, and support plus a growing range of capabilities and enhanced capacity.

Thunderbird Companies

Metal Impact

The global choice for aluminum impact extrusions, and the trusted source for precise, highly technical, and difficult-to-manufacture extrusions of every size and shape.

Impact Molding

Built on a combined 120 years of experience in injection molding offering a coordinated blend of design, engineering, mold manufacturing, production, and service.

Kruis Mold & Engineering

Specializes in designing and building high-quality, close-tolerance prototype and production injection molds.

Next Promotions

Next is dedicated to providing quality company branding on promotional products for sales and marketing.

Taking American manufacturing companies to greater heights